Founder's Greeting

As a founder of the "Georgian Industrial Group” , I have the honor of introducing one of the leading business companies of the country, distinguished by its high quality and reliability in the market and, at the same time, recognized for prominent contribution to Georgia’s industrialization  and the development of national economy. Currently the "Georgian Industrial Group" and its member companies own and operate a broad portfolio of business assets, which includes both the energy (power generation, power and gas trading,production), as well as non-energy assets (real estate, building materials, metal production, etc.). To emphasize the significance of the company it should be noted that the group owns and operates almost 60% of the installed capacity of thermal power plants of Georgia; 

We are not going to be satisfied with what we have. The Group is constantly looking for further development in order to maximize the synergy of different business activities and ensure stable and long-term profits by the further expansion of our investment portfolio.

At the same time company perceives as its social responsibility involvement in economic development of country, as well as implementation of the projects focusing on environmental protection, education, social issues and charity. Our most important value is to care about future as well as to treasure our country’s past through cultural heritage support programs. Our collaborators are the main asset of our company. Person - his health and healthy lifestyle, stability of family, professional advancement, efficiency, loyalty to the country and company are the core values for us, on which we build the development strategy of our company.

I do hope that with the joint efforts the "Georgian Industrial Group" shall become the major driving force for the sustainable development of the country.


David Bezhuashvili